Friday, 3 February 2012

Exciting Stuffs... and Things... - Bet

Howdy ho everybodies, its me... Bet... sigh.

First off, I'm sorry it took me so long to post the exciting stuffs and things like I said I would... I had some problems to take care of.

Secondly... the Musher is going to be pretty mad at me, but I'll explain that at the end of my post...

The really fun and exciting thing is the new E-Bay ™ auction that the photographer minion is running for the Musher to help with Iditarod monies and stuffs!  EVERYTHING MUST GO!!!

These are really cool, and personal items that the Musher has been dragging around like a hoarder... I mean been saving and cherishing... yeah that part... for a while and she is now ready to part with them to make someone happy!

You won't find these cool items anywhere... well, you may find them other places, but NONE OF THEM came from the Musher herself and most are autographed... so there!

Check this out!!!

This is "Fire lit musher" SIGNED by the famed Alaskan artist Jon Van Zyl... yes THE Jon Van Zyle!!!!  It could be yours... if the price is right.


This is Musher mail!!!  This got carried by the Musher and the Pretty Sled Dogs back in 2005... ok, so that was a horrible Iditarod, so it got warm and squishy on the trail and the Pretty Curly Tails got all overheated and sickly and it just sucked and everything, but ... but... THIS WAS CARRIED ON THE IDITAROD TRAIL AND STUFF!  It was probably all sweated on by the Musher and the Pretty Curly Tails and stuff!  Its signed!

Ok, how about this one... you won't be able to resist this one:

Its the Musher's mittens!!!!  SERIOUSLY!!!  Look at all of the Pretty Curly Tail fluff all over those bad boys!  I drooled on them too!  There's some serious Border Collie drool all over those things, and that alone is worth a gazillion bucks!

Just go check out all of the cool things going on in that auction, think of the history of these items... or something...

Ok, the second other thing we're getting ready for is a Memorial Page thingie.  We've had some peoples that wanted to sponsor a Pretty Curly Tail, but they all got snatched up quickly... we've had others want to help the Musher and Pretty Curly Tails in memory of a loved one... which is really nice and it made me all verklempt and stuffs.  So I'm trying to get the lazy cartoonist to get moving on the Memorial page... it'll be really nice and all and a place for peoples to post a picture and write a little something about a loved one.  I'll post more about it when the cartoonist wakes up from her Nyquil coma and gets coding.

Now... about that other thing that I mentioned earlier and I was hoping all of you had forgotten, but I'm pretty sure if I didn't mention it, some peoples would be asking... so... ok, this is just between all of you and me... don't tell the Musher, but we've had an issue with the baa baa sheepy thing herdy bunnies.

I have like a whole month to figure out something, so just don't tell the Musher... ok?


- Bet


Shirly said...

Ok Bet I will be waiting and watching. Sheep aren,t bad you know, bunnies are just a pain that even a siberian will go over. One of mine caught one brought it in the house and right in her crate. I took it out but by morning it was not alive. Herding you don,t kill them, How about something bigger than bunnies.??? I will be watching and waiting Bet

Unknown said...

Hmmm, appears to be just a few more sheep herder bunny thingys than you started with....