Wednesday, 22 February 2012

How Much Stuffs Can A NW Vest Hold? - Bet

I'm glad you asked!

A new vest owner sent me pictures of all of the stuffs she stuffed into her vest!

Vest owner says:

"It was warm enough today to take my dogs for a walk while wearing my NorthWapiti fleece vest instead of my winter jacket. I was really amazed that I could fit all the gear I need to take with us in the two big front pockets. There was still room for me to jam my hands in there too. And I didn't even use the two upper zipped pockets! I really liked not having to take a backpack or fanny pack just to go to the park with the dogs.

Here's what I fit in:

Bottle of water
Collapsible bowl
Pick-up bags
Dog treats
Spare leash (for loose/stray dog situations)
Glove liners
Packet of hand warmers
Cell phone
Car keys
Sun glasses

In the second picture, I look a little puffy with the pockets stuffed! But there was still room for money, a snack for myself, a small camera, dog toy, or whatever else I might need, depending on where I am heading with the dogs.

I just wanted to let everyone at NorthWapiti know I really like this vest because it's very functional as well as attractive and cozy. Thank you!"

On top of all of that stuffs, there's also still plenty of room for:

A roving Border Collie Reporter!!!!

Get yours today at the North Wapiti Shop!

- Bet


Polly Bray said...

Wow! Good to know, thanks Bet. Hope Sprite, Holly and Rubi enjoyed their walk at the park.

Anonymous said...

Seeing as you say ,Bet that it can hold so many goodies, I have ordered mine and cannot wait till it arrives in South Africa ( yes where the mushers dissappeared to last time )

Team Cademe