Friday, 3 February 2012

Your February 2012 NW Update and stuffs - Bet

Golly Gee Willikers everybodies, time certainly does fly and before we know it... it'll be Iditarod time!

Its your stuck at North Wapiti non-roving Border Collie Reporter, Bet here!

We've got a lot of stuffs to catch you up on, hand picked from the various Interwebs and things, so strap on your seat belt and hold on!

First off, apparently its gone from -35 degrees to +35 degrees at Camp Willow NW, and the Musher is (of course) complaining of the heat.  For the record, its 28 degrees here, and I'm perfectly fine with that.

Here's a picture of the Pretty Curly Tails out training.  The Musher said they were a bit flat after the race, and what with the warmer temps and all, but that was to be expected.  They look pretty fluffy to me in the picture.

Here's a picture of the team on the race trail


Anyhoo, we also learned that Billie really, REALLY, REALLLLLLY wanted to go with the team on the Don Bowers Memorial 200 race.  She wanted to go so badly that when the Musher and handlers were loading the Pretty Curly Tails, she figured out how to flick her chain over the post, jumped the fence, ran to the truck and loaded herself.

You aren't going to leave me out of the fun!
Here is a picture that Handler Brittany took at the race... yes, THAT Brittany, and you will be surprised (and somewhat disappointed) to learn that she was not run over by the team at the start of the race.  By the by, the guy in the totally awesome North Wapiti hat (for sale in our shop, along with awesome matching mittens and vests) is NOT Musher Mark!  That is Peter Duncan, who I'm told has a really neat Scottish accent.

In case all of you wanted to know what its like on the back of the sled, here is a picture of the view the Musher has during her sled time.

That's moving pretty fast and there's not a whole lot to stand on!

She also told us that the Iditarod peoples have found a detour around the Happy River Steps this year, so no the Pretty Curly Tails won't have to deal with that.

Here is a picture of the team navigating through some of the steeper climbs of the Iditarod Trail

Now that the Musher and Pretty Curly Tails are back to practicing for the big race, the Musher has some spare time (obviously) and sent me this video for some reason.

Yes, yes, I'm sorry about the music and how it'll rattle around in your head for days and days, but don't blame me.

Anyhoo, I'm guessing that the Musher thought it would be a good idea for North Wapiti to have some bunny things to herd the sheepie things we don't have... so I promptly got on the interwebs...

I'd like to introduce to you the latest North Wapiti residents:  Cheeseypoof and Snackiecakes

I have been assured that they are 100% trained baa baa sheepie thing herdy bunnies.

That's it for now, but hang around on the Interwebs for a bit, because I have some very very VERY cool exciting cool things to announce on how YOU, yes YOU can get some really cool one of a kind stuffs for your very own that you can own and show to peoples AND help the PRETTY CURLY TAILS...

So, check back later today (after my nap) for the HUGEY HUGE announcement stuffs.

- Bet

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