Thursday, 23 February 2012

Herdy Bunnies Update - Bet

Howdy Ho everybodies, I'm sure you know that the Herdy Bunnies are getting to be out of control around here.  It was getting pretty desperate, as they insisted on herding baa baa sheepie things, but we don't have any around here.

I tried to convince them to herd the Pretty Curly Tails, but they showed me a piece of chewed paper that they said was their contract and it clearly said that they were Certified Baa Baa Sheepie Thing Herdy Bunnies, and Pretty Curly Tails weren't in the contract.


The closest we had to anything looking like baa baa sheepie things was Cricket, and she CLEARLY convinced them that she was neither a baa baa sheepie thing, nor was she willing to pretend to be "herded" anywhere.

Desperate times call for desperate measures, so I got onto the Interwebs and thankfully found a game called "FLICK SHEEP"!
Apparently you flick the sheepie things and herd them all over some play sheepie yard, and avoid obstacles and stuffs and things.

This seemed like the answer to the problem... it would keep the Herdy Bunnies entertained, they would get to "pretend" herd the baa baa sheepie things, and they would FINALLY leave me alone!!!

I downloaded a bunch of copies and showed them how to start flicking the sheepie things and low and behold.... its been nice and quiet around here!!!

I love the interwebs!

There only seems to be one major problem with my plan

They haven't moved off that couch for three days and its getting a bit gamey in here.

- Bet


Susan said...

I see from the drawing you must be outside where it is less gamey.

Anonymous said...

Still only 11 bunnies - I thought there would be more by now - they must be distracted playing their game. Just hope a game of "Angry Sheep" doesn't come out.
Mary in Oregon

Anonymous said...

Bet needs something else to do.