Monday, 20 February 2012

The Pretty Curly Tails - Bet

While the Musher and Richard were getting the drop bags all sorted and filled, the Pretty Curly Tails were doing their best to help.

Although the straw in their dog houses are warm and cushy, they felt that a little special something was needed to help keep the cold wind out of their houses.  Using keen Siberian Husky skills rivaled only by that McGyver guy, the Pretty Curly Tails used their own furs and the snow to fashion a door curtain.

They also provided much needed snoopervision during the packing of the drop bags

Hey!  More salmon in that bag!  Get with the program!
Of course, they all had their own way of packing, so it got a bit confusing with all of them providing feedback.

I want kibble.  I want more fish.  Don't pack the eggs at the bottom!!!  What?  No toast?
Supervising is tiring and somewhat stressful, so everyone was glad when it was over and the bags were on their way to the Iditarods peoples for further distribution.

zzzzz burled arch zzzzzz
- Bet

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