Monday, 19 March 2012

Bring The Team Home - Bet

(For details on how you can help the team get home, scroll to the bottom of this post)

Howdy Ho Everybodies!

I have to say that I've had some very major crampy toes doing all that blog typing, Facebooks typing, twitter typing, and general questions answered typing, typing, and typing and more typing.

I hope all of you enjoyed the updates, pictures, cartoons, insider scoops, and blah blah blah that we did to help you be a part of the North Wapiti Kennels Iditarod experience.

As soon as the Musher recuperates, cares for the Pretty Curly Tails, and returns home, she will have time to blog her wonderful tales out in the wilds of the Iditarod race.

Even though I don't have my personal crampy toe masseuse here, I've been managing with the help of our personal sauna here at home in Perryvale.

ahhh, very relaxing, but just not the same.

What I really need is my Musher and since he's so close, I'd really like to see my Richard again... so I was wondering if I could bribe you to help me!

You've all been so generous and adorable, and we all can't thank you enough for buying stuffs and things, and donating stuffs... and things, so I wanted to ask if you'd like to help again... and be eligible for a really cool prize!

You probably know (or don't know... but I'll tell you and then you'll know) that this mushing stuff and the Iditarod is expensive.  Mushers have to pay for just about everything, like flying dogs around, and this and that and other things... and stuffs, and then when its all over they have to get themselves and Pretty Curly Tails back home and HOO BOY have you seen the price of gas lately!  Gulp.

Because there was a bit of a snafu and Musher Mark had to be back home to tend to the other Curly Tails, me, Cricket, Tic, and Bait back here at home, and work, Richard ate his ticket home (which probably didn't taste very good) and made arrangements to help the Musher drive the Pretty Curly Tails back here and fly out from Canada.  I didn't arrange that... no, seriously I had NOTHING to do with it, but I am glad I get to see Richard again (yes I've met Mrs. Richard and she's fine with our relationship... we had a girl chat).

So I'm asking, pretty please, would you consider donating to help pay for some expenses to get the Musher, Richard, and the Curly Tail team back home to me?  I just don't know what I would do if they couldn't come back.

To thank you for your continued generosity and how wonderful you all were with your comments and cheering and stuffs... and things.... I raided my personal piggy bank that I've been using to save for a fabulous matching ensemble and for every $10 donation, your name will go in a hat... or something less icky actually.  So if you donate $20, you get your name in twice, etc.  Then when the Musher, Richard, and Pretty Curly Tails make it home to Perryvale, we'll draw a name from the whatever we put the names in and the winner will get their choice of fabulous prizes!

The winner can choose from:

Limited Edition North Wapiti 2012 Iditarod commemorative Fleecey Vest!

Or they can choose from the available merchandise in our North Wapiti shop up to $57.00, which could be a hat AND mittens (close enough on the price)

OR, you can pick up to $60 worth of any North Wapiti logo merchandise available in our Cafe Press store!  There's all sorts of cool stuffs (and things) there, from t-shirts, jewelry, and other FABULOUS ensemble items to choose from... go check it out by clicking the link... and this link.

So, lend a hand to get the team home and win a chance (or two or three) for a wonderful shopping spree, and make a non-roving Border Collie reporter happy, please!

This contest is now closed as of 7 April 2012.  We will be choosing a winner of the cool North Wapiti swag and announcing the winner on another blog post!

Thank you everyone!!!!!!

- Bet


Pat & Mark from MN said...

And, in case you aren't feeling lucky enough to win a vest and/or a pair of gee/haw mittens, you should support Karen by buying them because they are GREAT!! We both bought them when we were at Karen's open house (at Donna's wonderful North Wapiti Willow). I hadn't realized the mittens came in medium (perfect for an average women's hands) and large (perfect for a long-handed guy). And the vests are fabulous: as someone had earlier reported, the pockets can hold everything but the kitchen sink! I've never been a fan of vests cuz I thought my arms would be cold - but if you have a thin long-sleeved top on under the vest, you will be toasty warm. Trust me!

swordwhale said...

I also have to sing the praises of the gee-haw mittens (or is that, haw-gee???). They have been indispensable; keeping me from utterly confusing my three pretty awesome dogs. They're also toasty (especially with lighter gloves under). I have these big farmwoman hands so got the large, which is great to put lighter liners under (for fiddling with snaps and things and stuffs). And you can promote the fine art of mushing (or scootering, or bike-joring) ... or the Pretty Curly Tails... when someone asks whattheheck that geehaw thing means...

Anonymous said...

I just donated ... hoping to win a vest! But, just in case, can you post a direct link to buying that vest? I couldn't find it under the shopping site link ...

I'm really suffering from Iditarod and Bet updates withdrawal ...

Barbara said...

Just adding that the Gee-Haw mittens really are wonderful. Warm but lightweight, and classy.

Bet said...

Here is the direct link to the North Wapiti shop where the vest are: