Sunday, 22 July 2012


One of my very favorite people, Colleen Kutzley, has been visiting for that last few days.

We have had a great time....

There has been a lot of 'dog stuff', some good food, a fair amount of alcohol, and some just plain silliness!!!

But isn't that what friends are for??????

Colleen and R2

Colleen LOVES grooming dogs (no really!!).

Colleen's NorthWapiti 'Woofs' - Twizzy and Sparky
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Colleen and Horton
'Perogy Dogs'

Cricket joins Colleen, Bet, the Whos and I on a walk

Harnessing Jack for a run

Lattes and blueberry dark chocolate cheesecake at the Enjoy Center

'Canadian' Poutine at La Poutine in Edmonton

Coconut Lemon cupcakes!

TOTAL silliness!!!


Jenny Glen said...

Snort! Oh, Bet, you sure did a good job finding Karen to live with! Everyone needs a spoiled lapdog.

Susan A. Smith, NBCT said...

So what the tattoo say Karen? It is hard to read sideways!

Karen Ramstead said...

Susan - it says "Go Now, and Live"

Karen Ramstead said...

Jenny - can't imagine life without that little freak!! Love her so!!!