Sunday, 1 July 2012

More Moving Like... Something - Bet

Howdy Ho everybodies!

In my continuing effort to provide the Who's and Cramplings with both exercise, and the latest in flashy dance moves, we tried again today to get some choreography going so that when Albert Lewis arrived, he would be simply stunned by the twinkly toes of the puppies that he would just photograph a full book on US!  By the way, there are still three more copies of the Musher autographed books available... just sayin, get them while you can... click the link on the upper right "Born To Run" thingie.

Anyhoo, it's taking a lot longer than I thought to get a whole routine worked up.  The Who's and the Cramplings all have different ideas on dance steps, and frankly some of the puppies have 4 left feet.  Yes, yes, I know, they are born to move forward at a high rate of speed... but you would think they could easily master the feather step, ball change, and a little mambo!

Ok, now Do-sa-do

NOO, Do-sa-do!  You're suppose to walk around your partner!

Walk it off, you'll be fine, it's only a minor bruise

Ok, this is where we all grapevine and then break into the Electric Slide

You're all doing great, just keep up with me and we'll do the wheel into a Enchufla

Um... where's my inside partner?

NO!  it's not time for me to lift you up and spin you!

Great tongue action there, shake your hips a bit more Jagger-like

There you go, you almost have it

Great inside turn, now shake that rump

NO NO NO!!! We aren't doing the conga line number until after the Macarena!

Um... I'm pretty sure I didn't choreograph any break dancing moves in our number

Ok, everyone circle the Cricket and then change step
Google, nice pas de duex

NO NO NO, when you Flutterwheel... oh never mind

Nice Arabesque Daddy
You can't do a Pass the Ocean if you won't let your partner pass the friggity ocean!!!!
Nice job pups... great job... we'll be amazing in 3 days.

We're doomed.

- Bet

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