Sunday, 22 July 2012

My Day at the Spaw - Bet

I love it when Aunt Colleen (Kutzley) comes to visit because we all get to be girlie and frilly, and paint each others' nails and gossip and go shopping and all of that stuff.

You've already seen the Musher's adventures with Aunt Colleen, but here is the most important part of her visit... she gave me a spaw day!

Really Auntie Colleen?  You're going to give me a pawdicare?  I love you

I enjoyed the shiatsu massage before the painting, it really relaxes those neck muscles

Yes, yes, I heard about the hoopla over at the general store the other day, such a shame

So, what are your thoughts on the use of paper or plastic bags at shopping centers?

I'm so ashamed of my cuticles, I try to soak them once a week, but the bathroom whirlpool sometimes isn't available

I've been trying to grow out my nails, but the Musher keeps clipping them back

Are you sure this color will go with my ensembles Musher?

You know Musher, you could do this for me more often, it's not like you have snow on the ground or anything

oooh, yeah, the ankle massage is wonderful Auntie Colleen

Really?  This color makes my eyes pop?  Is that a good thing?

You have such soft hands.  What do you moisturize with?

Can you draw a little butterfly on that one?  I've seen those appliques with stars and stuff, that would be cool too.

Why are you laughing Musher?

Isn't that stunning?  Didn't she do a great job!  I only wish I had those little flip flops to walk around in so I don't smear
 - Bet


Sally Ann and Andy said...

Your nails are very pretty Bet!
You deserve some pampering after taking care of the puppies!

Susan A. Smith, NBCT said...

I love the polish on the fur.