Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Tour de l'Alberta

In the process of 'reclaiming' my body in the last few years, as many of you might have noticed,  I have 'rediscovered' biking.

I bought a new bike in the spring of  '11. Nothing fancy, as I wasn't sure how much I was really going to bike or what 'style' of biking was going to appeal to me. As it turns out I have more then gotten my monies worth out of my purchase and am (much to Mark's disapproval) eying a new 'fancier', more specific to the type of biking I most enjoy, bike. (a 29er, for those wondering, so I can do more off road riding)

In the meantime, I'm pushing the limits of the bike I have however I can.

Yesterday, I pretended it was a road bike for the 50km division of the widely popular Tour de l'Alberta. Over 1200 cyclists were there riding the 30k, 50k, 100k and 175k events.

It was a really well organized, low key, fun time.

I dragged my friend and neighbour, Gabi Husch along for the day.

She's a good sport and not too hard to talk into all kinds of trouble - so my kind of friend!!!

We both had a good time and didn't find the 50kms too overly challenging!!

The rest stops were well set up and organized too!!

Next year the 100k!!!!


McKValerie said...

Good for you!

McKValerie said...
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I'd get me a bike and ride it around town, but I can just hear everyone making jokes about Jackie pedaling her ass around town..

Becky Campbell said...

The rest stop perhaps might remind one of some other much colder and snowier checkpoints?