Sunday, 29 July 2012

Time To Join The Crowd.

All the beings that live here are tattooed - and I mean ALL. Cricket, Bet, Bait, Tic, all the Siberians, Mark and I ....all of us.
All the critters have 'ID' tattoos. The Siberians sport a series of letters and numbers that uniquely identify them with the Canadian Kennel Club and would help them find their way back to us in a jam. Cricket sports a tattoo from the group (Second Chance Animal Rescue in Athabasca) that rescued her; Bet and Bait have IDs tattoo from the Westlock Vet Clinic and Tic, well Tic has his deceased brother, Tac's name tattooed in his ear ("Ask Mark" is my answer as to 'why???'.)
Now Mark and I don't have 'ID' tattoos, like the others, but both of us sport unique enough tats that they could likely be used to identify our bodies in case of a horrible accident.... so it kinda counts!!!

Anyway, the only 'un-inked' individuals on the property were the Cramplings and the Whos. Today was the day to change that.

"I want my tattoo to be a flower. Maybe a rose.", says Ewok

R2 thinks he wants a french poodle in a show clip for his tat.
Yeah, kids, that is not the way it works. It's going to be green letters and numbers in your left ear.

"No fair. We NEVER get what we want"

I know, that's life. Get used to it.


Vader doesn't seem to mind his....

....R2 either.

Sky is sporting a green nose, as she was helping her littermates clean up the extra ink in their ears. Green puppy poops for the next few days too!!!

Horton and Daddy show off their freshly inked ears!
Cindy too!!!

We are back to being an 'all ink' family again!!!

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