Thursday, 5 July 2012

The Photo Shoot Part 1 - Bet

Howdy Ho Everybodies!

It's your non-roving Border Collie Fashion Editor Bet here!

Whooo boy what a day yesterday!  We were all very excited when famous photographer Albert Lewis arrived at North Wapiti!  I mean come on, he's got pictures in VOGUE!!!

The night before, I was trying out some come hither poses that I thought might be a big hit during the fashion shoot.

This is my "Don't hate me because I'm bendy" look
I also thought that maybe it would be better to have an action shot of me

Don't try this at home, professional Border Collie on a closed circuit course
But then the Musher reminded me that the whole purpose of Mr. Lewis visiting was to get pretty pictures of the Pretty Sled Dogs for his upcoming book: Born To Run: Athletes of the Iditarod

I was all like "pfft, I KNOW that Musher, but you've heard of how famous models became famous because they were noticed by a professional photographer and went on to make millions... I'm just making sure I'm ready for success and riches."  Besides, I've spent the past two weeks training the Pretty Curly Tails on posing, the right lighting, and posture, and the Whos and Cramplings were ready for their dance recital, so why shouldn't I spend some ME time before he arrives!

The weather was less than impressive, especially since I had spent most of last week giving Molly a perm to help with a stubborn clump of fluff that just wouldn't blend properly... all that work for nothing because of the rain, rain, and more rain!  As you can see, no amount of fixer or gel would help poor Molly.

I'm ready for my close up Mr. Lewis!!!!
I also didn't have the heart to tell her that she wasn't on the list of finalists for the actual shoot.  She still isn't talking to me once she found out.

The finalists picked for the photo shoot were (and these are their usual bio pictures, not any that Mr. Lewis took, so don't get all excited)





Rocket (who did dazzle us with dances),






Darth Hellmann's... I mean Vadar,


and Daddy

Jinx was one of the first to get photographed.  She did a bit of preparing for her model shoot.

You know, the one thing I'm really envious of that the Pretty Curly Tails can do is to just shake and clean themselves.  It's as if their fur was scotch guarded or something.  I have to get baths and have my feet cleaned, which I despise, but all they do is one little shake and all the mud and gunk is gone.  It's very handy.

More inside scoop of the photo shoot... hehehe, that kinda rhymes, tomorrow!

- Bet

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