Sunday, 1 July 2012

Canada Day 2012

Just in case some of you might have somehow missed it over the years, I am a very proud Canadian.
I am blessed enough to have traveled to a lot of amazing places that have captivated me, I have friends I cherish from all over the world and have even visited a few spots I could see myself living that aren't even in Canada, but no matter, in my heart I will always be Canadian.

Today, July 1st,  is Canada Day and every year on Canada Day I try to post something Canadian in my blog. This year I found one of the most Canadian things I could imagine.

Canadian National 'Canthem'

How more Canadian can you get?????

On a more 'serious' note, I thought I'd share this video of one of my very favorite parts of Canada - the place I am fortunate enough to live - Alberta.  I LOVE this video!!!

(remember to breathe) Alberta

So....a huge Happy Birthday to the country that I still think is the greatest in the world!!!


dogu said...

Canadians and Molsons? Who'd'a thunk?

Happy Canada day!

Ricki said...

The Molsons' Canthem was awesome!!! Makes me wanna move north by 17 miles (we live in Port Angeles, WA, just across from Victoria, BC)!

Happy Canada Day to one helluva country! /salute!