Saturday, 7 July 2012

The Photo Shoot Part 2 - Bet

Howdy Ho Everybodies!

We're all still very excited and talking about the FABulous photo shoot by that extremely talented Albert Lewis.

If you have the Facebooks, you can even see a small sample of the pictures he took while he was here!  Just click this link and you can see five sneak peek pictures of the Musher and some Cramplings, one of Crunchie that makes the Musher tear up because it totally captures the Crunchmeister's intensity and power, one of Cindy where it looks like her gorgeous blue eyes will just pop out of the picture, AND one of Cricket that looks like a painting!  That Cricket sure does clean off well and gave the camera such a withering look I'm surprised the lens didn't break... and one of yours truly!

If you don't have the Facebooks... I guess I could ask Mr. Lewis to put one or two on his kickstarter page or something.  If those pictures don't get you to click that button and get in on the action before the book goes to print (significant savings if you do it now, versus retail, plus extra goodies that won't be available later), then I don't know what will... especially once you get a gander at my beautiful pose!

Can't find the button at the top right of our blog... here's a link for you!

Anyhoo, Mr. Lewis took pictures of us for 2 whole hours!  OOOH OOOH, I forgot to mention that he did tell us that that not one Pretty Curly Tail will be in the book, but there will be like three maybe four of them in there!  SERIOUSLY!!!  Here's the link again, because you are probably so excited you can't see straight.

As you may have expected, when it was Rocky's turn... well, he wanted to be carried to the model area place thingie.

Everyone else pretty much did what they were told, because they're professional Pretty Curly Tails.  I had trained them the proper way to pose, and which was their best side, and not to blink when the flashy thing went off.

When the veterans were done, it was time to let loose the Cramplings and Boo Who's, who now have a daddy and will now be called the BooFi's... yes, WiFi is the one and only daddy!

There was a bit of a dust up when it looked like only Vader would get a solo photo shoot, but Boo was satisfied when Cindy got her own photo shoot so she called off her lawyer.  She's trying to get copies of the pictures to include in Cindy's portfolio for the next season of Canada has talent.  Something about tap dancing... don't ask.

The Cramplings wanted to take their own pictures.

Cricket was next.  She really liked Mr. Lewis (although sometimes it's hard to tell the way she looks), and insisted that he scratch her head.  Actually it sounded more like SCRATCH MY HEAD NOW!  I think he was a bit afraid to stop scratching, especially after I told him the story about our neighbor Stubby McOnehand.  hehehehe.

We all did get a bit nervous when Cricket demanded a close up.

To his credit, Mr. Lewis didn't hesitate at all but did make a rather odd high pitched keening noise when she would shift her weight a bit.

Our wonderful neighbors Martin and Gabriela and Roger M came over to help wrangle everyone and did a wonderful job, we thank them from the bottom of our hearts for their assistance.

Now, I don't think that I'll make the final book.  After all I've never run the Iditarod, but I have trained the Pretty Curly Tails since they were wee little pups, and it was a totally biggie big honor to be able to get in front of the camera... even though the Musher had to wash my feet... ugh...

I was going for "rough and tumble Border Collie", but she was right in the end, she wanted pretty Border Collie, sexy come hither look Border Collie.  When you look at my sneak peek picture, please don't stare too long, as I'm nude.  Yep, not even a collar.  No fashionable ensembles (sigh), not even a scarf... I was a bit shy at first, I'm not really into minimalism, but when I saw the finished shot I knew that it was the way to go... even though I had one fur out of place near my right ear.

The most FABulous thing about the photo shoot is that a scout saw my sneak peek preview, and... well, I don't want to brag or anything... but look for this on your grocery store check-out counter next month.

Thank you Mr. Lewis!  We enjoyed having you here, and you are more than welcome to come back once all of the Pretty Curly Tails (and Cricket) have all of their fluff and it's nice and snowy for more pictures!

All of you... go kickstart the book so you get a copy!!!

- Bet


Marilyn said...

Penny you kill me, your such an original, where do you come up with this stuff???

Marilyn said...

Penny you kill me, your such an original, where do you come up with this stuff???


Really enjoy your take on things - makes for really entertaing reading