Sunday, 15 July 2012

Let's Get Ready To Rumble - Bet

Howdy Ho everybodies!

I guess you probably noticed that I haven't been spending much time on the blogs and stuffs and things lately.  Well, that's because it's
  1. Really, really, have I mentioned REALLY hot outside, and
  2. The puppies are in full bloom, and since this is their formative stage, I need to be on tippy top of making sure they get a proper education
The Musher and I have been teaching them the fine art of running after and in front of the quad.  Both the Cramplings and the Who's have been very good about their free runs, and pay close attention to me when I tell them where to go.

Since they are nothing but fluffy balls of pent-up energy, a brisk run through the woods doesn't even slow them down, so my training continues in the pens to make sure they learn how to pay attention, follow directions, and work together as a team.  This will be very important for when they start learning how to be working Pretty Curly Tails.

HEY!  Cramplings, it's time for today's lesson, get over here!
Getting them all together is a bit of a problem.  Unlike the Tramplings, the Cramplings don't yammer, yammer, blah blah all the time because they have Crunchie genes... which makes them very serious and over-achievers that study everything... for hours... in this case they were watching a beetle.

Ok, we're going to have a tag-team wrestling match, and I will be your referee... stop licking me

Ok, not to be too cliche, but it'll be the black versus white... because I'm not buying neon colored wrestling clothes for all of you, so... the way we play tag-team wrestling is that two of you wrestle, and if you need a break, or need help, you have to "tag" your partner who will take over for you, everyone understand that?

Vader, I don't care if you think Falcon is a pansy, she's your partner, so shut up and get in there and wrestle
Hey, HEY!!!  I said only one team at a time is suppose to wrestle!  Vader, Sky, get over to the side and wait to get tagged!

Nice Bridging Chickenwing hold there Falcon
Vader, Sky, if you don't get out of the ring, I'm going to penalize you and send you to the dressing room... FINE I know we don't have a dressing room, just get out of the ring.

Falcon, be careful with that Anaconda Vise hold, this is wrestling, not meal time
No Vader, I did NOT see Falcon tag you, it's pretty clear that she's got things under control, so just back off and let her finish off... I mean pin Trooper.

Nice transition into the Gogoplate there Falcon
No Sky, the Tongan Death Grip is NOT an illegal move, and it's not my fault that Trooper is all tied up and stuck in a hole and can't tag you, that's just how it goes.

You'll get extra points for transitioning from the Tongan Death Grip to the Indian Deathlock Falcon
Ah, now there you go Sky, sneak attack outside of the ring, fabulous!  I guess I should have brought a folding chair into the pen, that would be exciting!

Nice transition to the leglock cloverleaf there Falcon!
Ok, you guys just go ahead and keep practicing while I go inside and take a nap and let me know who wins.

- Bet

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Tony Torrez said...

They need Brett "the Hitman" Hart to teach them the Sharpshooter.