Sunday, 22 July 2012

No Running Around the Pool

The warmer then usual temperatures last the last few weeks have made kiddie pools a scarce commodity in the area. Finally, on Friday I was able to track down 3 pools for the puppies in the city (the Cramplings have been split up, so we have 3 pens of puppies now).

Yesterday was 'pool day'.

The Whos were highly suspicious of the whole idea.

Colleen (who is visiting from Saskatchewan) and I gave it our best try, but they were not at all interested in getting their little toes wet.

Over the years I've found that just letting them sort it out is better then trying to push them into something new.

They will sort it out!

The Cramplings had NO RESERVATIONS!!! In fact, they didn't even wait until we had the pool filled.

And once the water was in....

 ....shenanigans ensued...

The second batch of Cramplings (Vader, Chewy, R2 and Ewok) had to think about it for a bit ...

...but soon were acting like real water babies...

I think Colleen and I got just as dirty as the brats did!!

But it was great fun watching them all sort out the water and learn to enjoy it!!

Just remember kids - no peeing in the pool!!


mgailt said...

I just wish Ice 'n Ayla would do this. We bought them a pool a couple of years ago, but the only time Ayla would go into it is if we dropped a "cookie" into the water, then she'd "snorkle" after it, but Ice wouldn't go near it at all, so we gave up. The pool now lives under a shelf in the greenhouse shed.

Marilyn said...

Thanks for the great pictures Karen! Zoe thought her "big bowl of water" was a nice idea, but not something to get wet in!