Thursday, 24 January 2013

Eagle Cap Extreme Start - Bet

Howdy Ho Everybodies!

It's your roving Border Collie Reporter, Bet, here!

Boy am I excited to be back in my reporter chair doing reporting on stuffs and things!!!

Quite the exciting time we're having!

First off, the drive down here... ugh.

Oh sure, it was pleasant and all, but I couldn't get anybodies to start a 100 bottles of beer on the wall sing fest going, all they wanted to do was look out the windows and oooh and aaaah over the scenery.

Anyhooo, we did a lot of stopping at Timmie's to pick up supplies... just the necessities of course.

The border peoples were very nice although I thought the frisking I got was a bit too personal, if you know what I mean... I hope they swap out those gloves after each body.

We stopped at a place called the Frank Slide site. That is where a giant slab of Turtle Mountain crashed down upon the unsuspecting town of Frank in the middle of the night many years ago ( Turtle claims his innocence in the matter, but we don't believe him.

We let the Pretty Curly Tails out for a stretch and to admire the scenery.  

Another view of the Turtle rock thing
Turtle protesting the accusation that he flattened a whole town.

I have an alibi, I was framed!!!!
 They all wanted me to go take a look over the mountain thing and kept telling me to get closer to edge so they could get a good picture... I think they were trying to kill me.


While I kept trying to concentrate on my "on the road" updates, Simone kept poking me.

MUSHER!!!!  Simone keeps poking me, make her stop!
The Musher threatened to turn that truck around if we couldn't behave.

 We spent the night in a rather nice hotel.  They had really big clouds and I chose this one.  I made Simone sleep in the bathtub.

When we got to the Wallowa Lake Resort, hoooo boy, now that's a nice place!!! None of this one tiny cramped room with not enough bed things, oh no, it has a FIREPLACE and I was able to unwind and warm my crampy toes in style.  Go "like" them on Facebook and tell them Bet sent you!

Photo courtesy of the © Wallowa Lake Resort
The Resort place knew me (of course) and gave me the V.I.B.C. (Very Important Border Collie) room with all of the best amenities.

We were all a bit bummed because it had started raining!  We were worried that it would be icy on the trail the next day, and we didn't want the Pretty Curly Tails to be sliding around.  We also remember what happened to Musher Mark that one time when it was icy. Ok, I wasn't around for that, but I heard about it from Kara.

Anyhooooo we all had a nice sleep and all and got up and it was busy, busy, busy getting the Musher and Pretty Curly Tails ready for the race.  There was all sorts of sorting and unpacking and connecting, and strapping, and harnessing and bootying, and running around, and getting more stuffs and things, and meeting all of my... I mean the Musher's fans.

While Helen (who smells of cookies) and Simone (who hasn't fallen off of anything... yet) got the sled and Pretty Curly Tails all ready to go, I gave the Musher some last minute instructions.

Remember... dont' set your pants on fire!

Then we had to pose for some photos for the fans

Don't mean to be a spoilsport but I have to pee so can we hurry this up?
This is me pointing her to the starting line.

Seriously... no pants fires this time, ok?
And with that... it was time for the Musher and Pretty Curly Tails to do what they love to do... race!

In case you are wondering... Kelly and Roscoe made the team... we have to put up with  Q and ... ugh... yammer yammer yammer Tramp.

- Bet

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Jenny Glen said...

Bet, did you tell the border guards that you are an American citizen? Maybe if they knew you were born in TX your crossing would be easier.