Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Would Anybody Like a Fish??

"Did you say fish???"

Yes, I did Billie!

"Yes, please!"

Tramp, I see you'd like one too!


"No thank you"

What do you mean you don't like fish??

 "I was just joking!!!"

 Yah, you're hilarious!!!

 Ah, Siberian humour!!!!! Time to get back to work!


Shirly said...

i always enjoy watching the dogs and you take such good pictures Karen. You capture what I know siberians are like. Mine in the house have a very good knowledge of english. Oh people argue that can,t be. Well watch their reactions and then tell me this. I was just on the phone a friend called and I said it is time to feed the dogs and past so I have to go and when I said that the whole house went into husky howels like hurry up we are hungry. Thank you for your blogs they make my day.

The Heartbeats said...

Love the last pic! What a site!

Mamma Heartbeat