Monday, 21 January 2013

Packing for the Trip - Bet

Howdy Ho Everybodies!!!

Yes, it's your soon to be roving Border Collie Reporter, Bet, here!

It is getting close to leaving time for us to travel down to Oregon for the exciting chock full o' adventure Eagle Cap Extreme race!!!!

Now that Helen (who smells of cookies) and Simone (fell off a camel) Handlers are here, it was time to get to work and start our packing for our big trip!  It's going to be just like Thelma and Louise... and Louise... and another Louise, except we have no plans to drive off a cliff... yeah, so it won't be anything like that at all actually, so maybe it's more like Driving Miss Daisy... Gone in 60 seconds... uh, wait, we're not stealing cars... Vacation to Wally World.... nope... ok, I have no idea what it's going to be like other than oodles of fun!


Work is tiring!

We started really really late in the evening... it was after 3pm!  I hadn't even had my nap yet, but stuffs and things had to get packed, and they all needed me there to supervise.

We even got Cricket up to help... Cricket is the night watchdog, so she wasn't pleased AT ALL to be there when she had a whole shift of patrol later that night.

Since I was supervising, I had the list all neatly typed up on the iPad and was guiding the Handlers on what to pack, where to pack it, how to pack it, when to pack it, and then checking everything off.

Um... Helen... the green thingies... get the green thingies and put them over in the blue thingy, under that black thingy.

Can someone PLEASE find the blue lid for this box?  Who put the lime green lid on the blue box, I can't have unmatching bins!!!!!

No Helen... BLUE thingies in the black thingy!!!!

Ok, that snack bag will last for the first hour, but what are all of you going to snack on... what do you mean for everyone for the whole trip?  We'll STARVE!

Helen, the green thingy doesn't go in the blue thingy, it goes in the red thingy over on the side here.

Simone spent most her morning ironing the Pretty Curly Tails' coats for them, and yes, one of them will be warm thanks to Tammy Taylor (thank you again Tammy).

Simone shared with us all the amazing Swedish folding technique that is simply amazing... remind me to share it with all of you sometime.

Um... Brittany (splat) Handler... you missed a spot in these soup containers.

Like a well oiled production line, the handlers were folding, putting sled bags on, sorting, packing... it was all very exhausting watching them.

Look at the well organized, color coordinated, matching bin area and that awesome thingie..., proud sponsor of North Wapiti Kennels and the Pretty Sled Dogs.

When we were all done, packed, list checked off... we got together for a picture for the Musher... um... Brittany (splat) those pants don't really "go" with the hat... seriously, you really need to match your ensembles carefully... have you learned NOTHING from me... anyhoo, I appreciate all of your help Handlers, you are a FABULOUS bunch to work with.

- Bet

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Shirly said...

Well I will be watching and hope you win in Oregon and everybody has a very good time. Is Bet going too?