Sunday, 1 October 2000

October 1, 2000

I'm considering going out to Minnesota with the team for the months of December and January. I'd be training and doing 2 or 3 races out that way. One of the deciding factors on whether or not I go will be if I find a handler to come with me.

I would be leaving Alberta at the beginning of December and coming home after the Grand Portage Race the 3rd week of January. Ideally, my handler could drive out with me, but I would consider meeting someone on the way. We would be staying at Jamie Nelson's in Togo, Minnesota.

Duties would primarily involve daily dog care and being my main handler for races. Actually sledding opportunities would be fairly limited, although some double sledding will probably be done.

The work will be hard, long, dirty, and smelly. The pay non existent - although I will cover all living expenses (within reason - no lobster dinners!)  The food will be less then gourmet - there is no T.V. - phone access limited - computer access not available.

If there is anyone out there that I haven't scared off - I'd love to hear from you!

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