Wednesday, 17 December 2008

A Blognapping

Okay, so things have been busy, I haven't 'blogged' in far too long, but I thought you all might find my friend Lisa Wright's blog entry from today kind of interesting.
Check it out at

So, my blog today is actually just a link to her blog - a blog-napping, if you will.

BTW - I'm thinking of printing out the paragraph that says "Interesting that while it is common in the dog training world to talk about how challenging "northern breeds" can be to work with, that I watched dogs as responsive to command as my Border Collies. Their change of direction was as precise as anything I'd expect from my guys.", framing it and hanging it on my wall. I was very flattered - especially because of how much I respect Lisa as a dog trainer.




Anonymous said...

Very cool, Karen, and yes you SHOULD frame that quote and smile each time you read it. That's quite an accomplishment!

As for trainers who look at our breed as "untrainable or difficult to train"...there are 4 Siberians living in my house, and between them they have 27 titles among them (all AKC) with three more titles that each only need one more leg.

Trainers who diss our breed just don't know how to turn them on!!

BADASmusher said...

What a wonderful blog. I totlly agree about the printing and framing that.
And to go along with the trainers talking about the northern breeds being "difficult to train" a person just needs to understand them.
We have a OES California Certified SAR Siberian who lives in SanDiego!