Monday 16 February 2009

Pictures of the start of Quest 300

Here are some great photo's of Karen and Mark at the start of the Quest 300.

Mark's team and Chris.

Looks like Karen is ready to go.

And they are off!
Now those are happy dogs!
I know Karen is happy too!
Mark's team coming down the chute.
Looks like something caught Wolvie's eye!

Thanks to TamaraLyn of Wandering Spirits Kennel for sharing her great pictures with us. Hopefully this will hold us over until we get the stories from Karen!

1 comment:

Katerina said...

Those are great photos of both teams! :)

Just a minor correction - in the caption "something´s cought Spider´s eye" - it is not Spidey, she is leading the team together with Jr. It is 99% Wolvie or might be Togo (but I am quite sure it´s Wolvie).

Looking forward to more pics and stories!