Tuesday 16 May 2017

Happy Birthday Heather Minion

Howdy Ho Everybodies!

It's Heather Minion's birthday today!

Without the Heather Minion, we wouldn't be able to do everythings and stuffs.  She should have been born a Border Coolie because she herds the Musher and other minions around and makes sure that everythings (and stuffs) gets done!

Heather minion has designed all of the FABulous North Wapiti ensembles and makes sure they are comfy and stylish and FABulous.  She also mails stuffs and things, and sometimes she mails things and stuffs, but mostly she is the minion with the mostest and we couldn't do all of the fantabulous things that happen around here with out.

So, Cakes for everybodies and wish Heather Minion a very happy birthday!!!

- Bet

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