Thursday, 1 March 2012

Stuffs and Things - Bet

Howdy Ho Everybodies, its me your NRBCR Bet here!

I've decided to just create an acronym for Non-roving Border Collie Reporter because that takes a lot of time to type with one claw, and I just got a pedicure and didn't want to mar the finish of my french tips.

Anyhoo, things are really starting to pick up on the Iditarods front!  There's tons of stuffs and things that I need to tell all of you about... but I'm not ready yet... sigh.

First off, I want to remind everyone that tonight is the exciting Musher Bandquet at the Dena’ina Center in Anchorage.  I'm very jealous of all the peoples that are going... wish I was there... tasty foods and stuffs, excited talking with mushers and things.  Instead I'm sitting on the cloud eating some dry Eagle Pack dog food out of a decorative bowl... Eagle Pack, the wonderful sponsor of the North Wapiti Pretty Curly Tails!!!!

As soon as we get pictures from our mobile minions and friends, we'll be posting them on the blog!

In the "coming soon" category, I'll be posting a list of links of where to find all sorts of good information on the race and what's going on.  The list will include peoples and places to "like" on the Facebooks, as well as bloggers, photographers, fans, and others that you won't need a Facebooks account to get to.

I know its something that not all peoples can afford, but the Iditarod Insider has a LOT of insiders stuffs and things, and even live videos of the start, and also video features of the race.  You can also follow the Musher by her GPS (which she has to swallow the night before the race), and they introduced a cool feature that will e-mail you an alert when your chosen Musher gets to checkpoints.  Like I said, not everyone can afford it, but its worth it if you can.

For those of you who can't, we'll be doing our best to blog it as it happens, and updating the Facebooks.  We won't be able to share exclusive Iditarod Insider stuffs, but we can describe it real good.

I will also be posting about the snow... apparently there's lots of it... LOTS of snow... have I mention LOTS and LOTS of snow?  Well, there is.

There is so much snow that when you go visit the Pretty Curly Tails at the Open House tomorrow... this is the path that you'll be taking:

I KNOW!  SERIOUSLY!!!!  Isn't that a crazy amount of snow???

Ok, so in a nutshell:

We'll be posting:
  • the schedule of events
  • Links of cool places to get Iditarod information
  • Tales of the snow
  • My ode to the amazing Richard (an original Bet poem)
  • Pictures, pictures, and more pictures
  • Something really cool that Musher Mark will be getting
  • Reports if Brittany Handler gets run over by dog teams
and finally Scout and Milo would like to say:

 GO PRETTY CURLY TAILS,   We all are big fans!    Wishing you the best.
 - Martha, Mukluk and Daisha (pictured), Scout and Milo (who also are fans but couldn't stay dressed)

Until later peeps!

- Bet


Ricki said...

I sure love following these blogs! Can't wait for the links...thanks Bet, and don't give up the cloud!

Colette said...

Hi I'm Benjamin and I am 10 years old. I chose you to follow as my MUSHER for this year's 5th grade Iditarod project for school. My mom and I will be watching you from Louisiana! GOOD LUCK!!!!

Shirly said...

I will be watching Bet and will certainly appreciate the links you will put up and the pictures. Stay warm and don,t hurt your nails.

Anonymous said...

Hi to Benjamin! You picked a really great musher to follow. You will love every minute of this great race!!!
Sitks's (Cols. Oh) Mom, Lisa