Tuesday, 25 August 2009

A Cure For the Blues in the Key of 'See'

This morning I was looking for something to kick me out of my funk. Luckily, I found it quite early in the day.

While making up my team this morning I decided to go out on a limb when picking out leaders. Top leaders Jinx, Dasher and Tess were on the run list, but rather then taking the 'easy' way out, I opted to hook up Bang, who is doing really nice in lead so far this season along with .... I hummed and hawed looking at the list of dogs....and then I saw SEE's name (word play intended). Perfect. She has been so keen in harness lately it would be interesting to see what she'd do in lead.

Mike (our new handler) and I picked out the 16 dogs that would be running this morning ;
Bang See
Jinx Tess
Dasher Smartie
Billie Bingo
Grit Irving
Hector Shooter
Crunchie Turtle
Q Tie

We put on harnesses and started hooking dogs into the gangline. First in were the leaders.

Hmmmm, that went smoothly.

The rest of the team got hooked up and off we went. We shot out of the yard and down the trail.

Hmmmm, that went smoothly.

We zigged and zagged through the woods for 3 miles before pulling into the watering trough.

Hmmm, that went smoothly.

The dogs drank and were roaring to go.

Off we headed.

Hmmm, that went smoothly too.

We went up and down the Widowmakers and pulled back into the yard. When we got to the yard I didn't ask the leaders to stop and we didn't. Right through the yard they went - with a completely green leader in front (and she was the one really driving).

WOW, that went incredibly smoothly.

Everything about the run was smooth. I simply can't remember a green leader (except MAYBE Grover) ever putting in a first run like that. AWESOME, just AWESOME.

Despite the horrible events of the previous day, I couldn't help smiling at that young piebald girl. She wiggled and smiled back.
I know she knew she was doing a great job.

And now I must tell you the rest of the story with See. In the spring of '08 after coming back from Alaska I decided to harness break the 'Cree' litter before Kathryn headed back home. My friend Lisa was riding along that day too.
Utin and Meg were excited about the whole process and took off with enthusiasm when the team headed out. See was a different story.
The noise and commotion of hookup seemed to overwhelm this formerly confident young dog.
When the team started to go, See curled up in a ball and refused to put her feet down. We spent the next 50 yards or so going one or two steps, stopping for See; one or two steps, stopping for See. Kathryn finally reached over and picked See up by her harness and ran along carrying her for a few steps. That worked and the young lady hit the ground running.
She has not looked back yet.

And this morning she made me smile.

Thank you See.



D.K. Wall said...

Excellent job, See. Sometimes, someone just has to be shown the ropes, right?

Unknown said...

I just looked at See's page on the website . She was a gorgeous puppy and has grown into a beautiful young girl. So glad she did such a good job in lead....
I am sure we will be hearing lots more about her. And Bang and See seem to really compliment each other.

Unknown said...

It always amazes me how the power of dogs can uplift your spirit. Good job, See, on being the bearer of smiles :)


Rob Fradette said...

How could a Piebald not do right. Those two look great out front. Bang looks like she fitting in well.

BADASmusher said...

Awesome! Love it...A good run will definitely lift spirits!

ElizabethMC said...

Nothing like a good run to lift sagging spirits! I am glad to hear that your run went well!

Anonymous said...

It's uncanny that you named this beautiful female "See", as your website states that the name is a "Cree medicine rattle that 'represents healing and helping,' . . . At such a young age she has already begun to grow into that name. Go, See!
--Marcia Mummau, Elizabehtown, PA