Sunday, 2 August 2009

A Place for Everyone and Everyone in Their Place

The kennel has been at capacity for awhile and that has meant that a number of the yearlings have not been moved out onto chains yet.
It's not a huge deal, but I have been chomping at the bit to get it done.
Last week Minto and Peeps moved to their new homes (Minto with the Finners in New Hampshire and Peeps with Maggie Wey in Maine) freeing up enough space that I could finally rearrange the yard like I wanted.

First up was young Bolt.


I'm particular about where the youngsters actually go in the yard for the first time. It must be somewhere that makes it easy to check on them from the house, where they have at least one dog of similar or greater energy level to play with, and next to at least one mature and sensible dog for them to gain confidence from.
Wifi was kind enough to offer up his spot to Bolt. It is close to the house (visible from the kitchen table!), next to at least one dog of similar or greater energy (his brothers Snert and Skookum)...


...and one mature and sensible dog (Crunchie). Perfect.
He moved out late last week and seems to be loving it there. After a bit of posturing with his brothers was settled, they have been playing very well. Crunchie has been schooling him well on the art of 'calm, assertive energy' - although I did catch Crunch running full speed circles in his run today trying to dazzle The Boy with his speed and agility. I tried to catch it on camera, but he quickly jumped on his house and gave me a look that said "What?! I've been here the whole time!". What a goof.


Yesterday the stunning Tramp...


...and her fence climbing sister moved out onto chains. Kim and Kelly gave up their choice spots so the girls could be next to each other and the playful but sensible Trigger.


They sorted the 'stake out thing' out very quickly and by dinner time looked like old pros!

Today the last of the yearlings - Boo...


...and Sobe...


... made the move. It was done with so little fuss that even I was impressed! Boo is next to Meg, who will play with her and Bang, who will be a great role model for her. Sobe is next to Kelly, who definitely matches her energy level and Bang.

(Please excuse the pictures, it is overcast with off and on rain today - not good for pictures. I'll do some better ones in the next few days!)

None of the yearlings were experiencing hardship for being in the pens for a longer time, but it is a big relief for me to have the yard sorted out like I want it to be.

"A place for everyone and everyone in their place".

It feels good!



D.K. Wall said...

Congratulations on getting it all sorted out. Hard enough for me with a whopping six dogs, so I have no idea how you figure it all out.

Katerina said...

Gosh, Tramp is so, I mean SO gorgeous! If you ever..... LOL :)

BADASmusher said...

Know the feeling of sorting dogs out and how each one has to go in a certain spot for energy and personality matches...
Love ya Crunchie!!!

ElizabethMC said...

Congrats on getting all the canids seperated the way you wanted! Can't wait to hear of everyones progress! Everyone looks impatient to be out there on the trail! I know mine are too!