Friday 18 November 2011

An Intervention

A few weeks back Rocket decided she didn't want to go for a run with us. That is very unusual for one of my dogs and I don't take that lightly. Further examination showed that she was producing milk and showing early signs of labor. What???????!!!!!
I counted dates back and figured that she would have been in season while I was in New Zealand. When I got home, Mark had moved Rocket's neighbor, TopDog, as they were apparently doing a fair amount of flirting. When I chatted with Mark, he was very confident that no breeding occurred.
Still to be safe Rocket was moved into the house and into a whelping pool. After watching her and giving her a closer exam that evening, I was fairly convinced that my crazy little Dancing Dog was going through a 'false pregnancy' .

Two days later Rocket's prowess at escaping any form of  confinement other then a stake out chain was driving us crazy and I was certain she wasn't pregnant  so back out on a chain she went.

She has been brooding, nesting and sticking to her dog house, but still eating and drinking well.

Every day I'd ask her if she wanted to come running with us and she'd politely decline with excuses about needing to stay home to look after her puppy.

"But Rocket......."

She was having none of it. There was a puppy in that dog house. If the rest of us couldn't see the puppy, that was our problem, not hers.

Finally yesterday, I'd had enough - Rocket went on the running list. Thankfully, when Brittany called her, she came out of her house and agreed to run.

She did have to sport a fancy little bit of clothing to cover her still slightly swollen and partially naked nipples. She was not impressed....

She did however, put in a really good run.

When we got back to the yard I unharnessed her first so she could get back to her house to check on her 'children'. She wasn't interested.

"Are you kidding me??? There is nothing in that dog house other then straw".

Welcome Back Rocket!


ThePainterPack said... sweet! Our MBB went through a false pregnancy after she was spayed. She still has two squeaky balls that are her "children". There are times when she will lick those toys like she's cleaning them. It's all very sweet.

Glad all is well for you!

Painter Pack

Anonymous said...

That's amazing! I'm so glad she is back to her old self & will be training again. She looks good in her sweater. I really do love hearing so much about the dogs!
Have a happy rest of the weekend,
Sitka's Mom Lisa

Louise Midkiff said...

Foxie Rocket. Are you sure you aren't related to the Silver Fox somewhere back in time? LOL She would do or give anything for puppies; anybodies puppies; hers or not.