Sunday, 19 September 2010

'A'Mudder' Great Up And Coming Leader

My friend Lisa says that I'm always raving in my blog about my next great up and coming leader. Yup, I probably do that alot and I make no apologies for it!! I'm thrilled that I have so many promising leaders in the yard - most of them who do eventually live up to their early potential.

This mornings blog was going to be another glowing one about another rising superstar. I asked this boy to pose for a head shot that would make everyone catch their breath at his presence and beauty.

This is what I got -

Yeah, hard to look capable and serious with mud caked all over your face!!!
This is Astro and he is a stunning young leader.

He is another dog that Richard raved a lot about last winter - and I've been pretty keen on him since he was a pup, so I wasn't surprised - but I hadn't got around to running him in lead myself.
I took him out in lead on Friday and had a GREAT run, but wasn't convinced that the 'driving' factor in the team was this young dog.

Today he ran with Dasher in lead (*) next to him and the run was just as great as Friday's run.

His ears are forward and he DRIVES like a demon the whole time. His tail wags and he can't stand to take breaks! He is a fantastic!

I am in awe of him -

Even if he does like to stick his face in mud holes!


(*) I have switched all my training leader lines over to Eskimo Hooks from Nordic Husky Farm - as I used on Iditarod last year.

No more escaping leaders!


Anonymous said...

Astro is such a beautiful dog. He could be completely covered in mud an still look magnificent! I am in awe of all your dogs! I never grow tired of looking @ them & reading about them.
Sitka's Mom

mgailt said...

As for the "capable and serious" aspect, his ears give proof of that. With ears pointed directly forward like his are, you KNOW he's serious, don't let the mud fool you!

Nannette Morgan said...

Karen: How is the Eskimo leader line more stable/escape proof than a snap type neckline? Thanks for any hints! I see that it looks pretty but as Mac at Homeplace Ranch always says: "Pretty is as pretty does!"

Karen Ramstead said...

With the Eskimo hooks there is no opening mechanism that can accidentally open or jam up.