Sunday, 19 September 2010

A Busy Day At The Watering Hole

It was a busy day at the Watering Hole yesterday morning!

Mark hooked up a 14 dog team and came along with us for a run.

So 30 dogs impatiently waited to be watered!

"Who invited them??", says Billie

"Ha, ha - we were here first!", say Meg and Smartie

Kim suggests that we hurry things up!!

"Whatever" says Charge, "Is this break going to take long?"

Tramp impatiently watches dogs in front of her getting watered

Beauty and Xena
A good run was had by all!

We even got to say good morning to the cows - thankfully from the other side of the fence this time!

Waiting for Mark and his crew.

"They are so slow - and we are so fast!", says Sobe
"I think I see them coming now??", says Rocky



One more drink....

And then it was home!

Thirty dogs run 8 miles before 10am - that's a good day at the office!!!



Anonymous said...

I always love seeing new pictures of the dogs and reading your blog. But I must admit I especially love it when there is a picture of Billie included. Tell Billie her "sponsor-mom" says hi and give her an extra scratch behind the ears from me!

Susan said...

How do you have time to write Karen? Your day is so busy as it is, with all those dog chores! Guess it helps to have a handler or two...
I love the line of dogs on the road with the cows.

Chris said...

Hi Karen, great to see a pic of Tramp.
She was always my favourite little one from the toon litter and great to see Astro doing so well for you in lead, i think he was always going to be the leader of the toons :-)

Karen Ramstead said...

Susan - lucky I don't sleep much!! =)

Bakavi said...

Thirty dogs run 8 miles before 10am - that's a good day at the office!!!"

INDEED!!!!reat Job and that muddy dog is still gorgeous, mud and all.