Tuesday, 21 September 2010

This CANNOT Be Comfortable!

Oh, to be that flexible again!!!



granimar said...

Bet, being that flexible really makes me want to cry---don't think I ever was so.

Anonymous said...

I'm with Granimar...that level of flexibility...NOT! Sure does look cute, though.

Anja said...

Of course it is ;-) , my dog Lily does exactly the same, I sometimes wonder myself how she manages it... :-)

Anonymous said...

Our male sibe always slept like that.
I called him a "pretzel" dog. He would start out sleeping in a nice curled up ball and by morning he would be upside down with his front legs in one direction and his back legs in another direction. He favorite place to sleep like this was on the couch.
He would get very grumpy if we stayed up late and he couldn't "go to bed" when he wanted to. Picture grey blue eyed sibe staring at you if you were sitting on "his" couch. lol