Tuesday, 21 September 2010

There Is Pleasure in the PATHED Woods Too!

I am a bit of a 'quote junkie' and this Lord Bryon quote is a special favorite of mine -

"There is a pleasure in the pathless woods, There is a rapture on the lonely shore, There is society, where none intrudes, By the deep Sea, and music in its roar I love not Man the less, but Nature more." 

It rings true to me in many ways - except most of the woods I travel are covered in paths. 

I love paths! When we travel around the country by dog truck I spend alot of time gazing down paths and trails, wondering where they all go and wishing I had the time to explore them. 
I love paths. 

There are 5 paths out of our property, one of them being the driveway.  I thought that I'd give readers a glimpse of what travels our trails see on a fairly typical, fall day - so this is what happened on our trails today. 

Traffic on the trails started at around 7:30 when a 16 dog team (Rocket, Billie, Beauty, Casey, Xena, Wonder, Dew, Tramp, Crunchie, Rocky, Grit, Herman, Tie, Turtle, Wifi and Jack) headed out on what is know as our 'main out' trail.

Going out of the yard on the 'Main Out' Trail
Coming into the yard on the 'Main Out' trail.

Eight and a half miles later the team pulled back into the yard via the trail that goes by Colleen's trailer. 
The out bound trail by 'Colleen's Trailer'

The in bound trail by 'Colleen's Trailer'

After a short rest, they headed off again on our 'Go Around' Loop. 

Going out the 'Go Around Loop' Trail
Coming in the 'Go Around Loop' trail

A half hour or so later puppies start to leave the yard, followed by me on an ATV, via the main out trail and coming in on the top of the 'Go Around Loop'. First the Brits (Todd, Fletch, and Sherwood), then the boy Explosions (Squib, Pyro, Scud and C4), followed by the girl Explosions (Mighty, Molly and Missy). 

After a short coffee break Simone made three trips out with the scooter (first with Moses and Bolt, then Sprite and Isis and finally Olena and Skookum) - leaving on the 'Main Out Trail' and coming in on the 'Main In' Trail. 

The outbound view of the 'Main In' Trail

In bound view on 'Main In' Trail

Things were quiet for a few hours and then the driveway got some action when I pedaled out on my bike to wander through the grazing lease and eventually over to check out the river crossing. 

Driveway outbound

Driveway inbound

I came in on the 'main in' trail - startling the heck out of Newt and Moses!

An hour or so later, Simone puttered out the 'Main In' Trail on the ATV over to the 'poop pile', returning via the same trail a few moments later. 

As night closed in Kara, Bet, Cricket, Bait, Tic and I strolled out the driveway for our evening walk. As it was almost dark, we returned via the same route. 

Lots of paths - lots of ways to enjoy them!


Georganne said...

I am so stealing that quote. Thanks lol.

Chris said...

Thank you Karen for all the memories of all the NW trails .
:-) they are very special trails.