Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Yup, I Like My Handler

I always give my handlers the option on riding along with me on training runs or staying home. Generally, at this time of year when runs are relatively short and temperatures relatively warm they ride along - not so much (although sometimes) when I'm doing 30+ mile runs at -20. Go figure.

So, Simone my 19 year old Swiss handler has been riding along every morning.

This morning as we were moving along the old railway allowance at a nice clip, Simone wanted to try to stand up on the seat behind me to get a good angle for a photo. I totally understand going to extremes for a great picture, so readily agreed. She fussed around a bit, but decided that wasn't going to work (maybe for the best, we were moving at over 10 mph).
"Why don't you kneel?", I suggested

Simone indicated that that wouldn't work as she had hurt her knees in an accident and they 'didn't work so well anymore".

We traveled a bit more and then I said, "So, what kind of accident did you hurt your knees in?"

There was a pause - just enough of one to lead me to believe that the answer she was about to give was going to be a good one.
I certainly was not disappointed.

"I fell off a camel", she replied

Yup, I like this handler. She a 19 year old from Switzerland that we met in Alaska who is now in Canada riding behind a dog team telling me about hurting herself falling off a camel.

She's got the right attitude for life.



Corgi-Mom said...

Gotta love it! What an adventurous live she has lead for someone so young! Just keep living life Simone!

Lauri said...

I think the next post needs to be the story of how she fell off the camel! Having been no where near a camel, I'd like to know what happens that one falls off one.

deb said...

Was that a 1 humper or 2???

Kathy said...

OMG - I so totally and completely miss you both right now :)