Wednesday, 1 September 2010

Free Running

I think everyone knows that I'm a big fan of free running puppies. It is WAY COOL to watch those youngsters stretch out and learn just how fun going fast is!

This morning was a touch too warm to run a team, but not too warm to run puppies.

First out was the Brits.

If it looks like they are running hard, that is because they are!! It is all very serious to these young men.

Most serious of the three is Todd. He takes it as a personal affront if he isn't leading the group - Bet included.

And if you think they run hard on the way out, you should see what happens when we make the turn towards home, where they know kibble is waiting for them.

Bet takes a moment to catch her breath before the next round!

Yesterday I took the Explosions out in two batches - Mighty, Molly, Missy, Scud and Pyro in the first group, C4 and Squib in the second batch. That went really well, so what the heck, I may as well take all 7 out at once this time.

It might look nice and controlled, trust me IT WAS NOT. Those little brats do not listen to me and they do not listen to Bet. Bet and I actually lost them on a corner, I assumed they would head back when they realized they were on their own. I assumed wrong.

Bet and I finally got the little monkeys heading back towards the yard.

We are back to 2 smaller groups tomorrow morning!!!



Rob Fradette said...

Do you lock Cricket up when running the pups? I assume the cats are in the house?

Karen Ramstead said...

Hey Rob. No Cricket is free to come with us if she likes, but she generally doesn't like!!! She goes for walks with me with the pups, but once we start to free run we go to fast for her!!

No, I don't insist the cats are locked up. The pups are not normally down around the house - and even if they are, they are generally not 'cat obsessed'. That happens once they get bigger!!!


Huskymom said...

What command do you give to Bet to go round up the wayward pups and turn them toward home? Is it a standard sheep-herding command?

Susan said...

Karen, these pups are just too funny and quite beautiful. Your remarks make it all that much more entertaining. Thanks so much.

Monique said...

Beautiful photo's Karen. Awesome to see them free running. My nerves would be shot though!

Pat in MN said...

Glad to see C4 is looking good enough to run free with the gang.

Karen Ramstead said...

Bet doesn't round up wayward pups, but she runs out to visit them and then lures them back to me.

The gal honestly has ZERO desire to be a herding dog! =)

Pat - he is doing great. He can't keep up with his bigger littermates, but he gives it his all and can keep them within sight!