Monday, 6 September 2010

At The Water Cooler Today...

Because we are starting our hookups at 6:30 am it is too dark to take too many pictures on the move. So most of today's pictures are from hanging out at the watering trough.

Patience has never been Billie's strong suit!

The back half of the team (Billie, Bingo, Barq, Astro, Shooter, Snert, Tie, TopDog, Wifi and Runner)

Tess being a 'lady' and sharing her bucket with Kelly.

Young superstar Astro




See in lead with Dasher

Snert getting some loving from Simone
Back on the trail again!

It was an exciting run today. We flushed a nice whitetail and a good size cow moose with her calf out of the bush. The moose really got the team jazzed (as they burst onto the trail maybe 50 feet in front of us), but they did a great job staying on the trail and not trying to follow them.

Another really great run!!!

It also occurred to me that I might not have mentioned on the blog that we have live in help back at the kennel!
Simone, who worked with us some last year in Alaska, is with us from Switzerland until the end of November.
As we all know each other and have worked and lived together before Simone has seamlessly blended into our routine!! Very nice!!

Simone scootering with Isis and Olena this morning!


Anonymous said...

That's okay Billie...I'm not very patient either! Glad to see pictures of the dogs in harness and training!

Anonymous said...

How awesome for Simone to have such a great opportunity to work with everyone & live @ your home. I would have loved to be able to do that when I was younger. Even now, if there were a chance. I love seeing the dogs in harness. They look so athletic!

Deb Rawaillot said...

Who is that beside Meg (hidden)? Is that a rare RED NW sled dog? Still waiting to see one on a team under the burled oak... ;-)

Karen Ramstead said...

That would be Casey out of Sprite and Q. And she is indeed red! She just might be the one Deb. She's great!