Wednesday, 1 September 2010

We All Have Our Phobias

Last year I wrote a fairly detailed blog on my needle phobia and how after 30 years I finally decided enough was enough.

So although this phobia is behind me now, I am sympathetic to others with phobias - like Bet.

Yes, Bet the Border Collie.

Bet actually has a fair number of phobias. Kind of comes with the territory when you are a neurotic little Border Collie.
The particular phobia of hers I'm blogging about today is her fear of cameras. Yes, cameras. I know, not good when your Mom has an addiction to the things! But Bet's issue is specifically when the camera is pointed at her.

Richard can vouch for her phobia, as she dived off the back of my moving ATV one day when he pointed a camera at her to get a picture of her riding behind me.

Yesterday she and I were out in the woods and as I was walking back to the ATV, I tried to take a picture of her.

"Come on Bet - can't you just smile for one picture?"

I'm pretty sure that look means "No"
"Please, just one??"

"What if I give you a cookie?"
Apparently, she knows I didn't actually have a dog cookie with me.
"Come on Little Coolie, just look at the camera for one picture."

"It won't bite, I promise"

I then resorted to a whole bunch of sweet chirpy noises.

"You can have half of my pillow tonight"

TA DA!!!

Way to go Bet - I'm so proud of you!!



ElizabethMC said...

Wow, I would have never suspected Bet having any fears - let alone that of a camera. Storm is the the same way, not sure what to do. I use yummy treats, and even try to make sure there is only 1 dog out at a time when I am taking pictures, that way I can devote all my attention to that one dog. Works for Denali, but not Storm or Brutus.

Anonymous said...

Poor Bet! I"m so sorry you have a camera phobia, but you take such great pictures! Just try to let your person take a few every now and then so we can see you at your finest!