Wednesday, 29 September 2010

What's A Girl To Do???

Is there anything more frustrating for a girl then getting all clean and dolled up and having no where to go???

Actually, I have no clue - my connection to the 'girl world' is tenuous at best. I'm just guessing at this one!

Anyway, Cricket was wandering around looking a little forlorn this evening (probably because the dog yard has decided she is a strange dog and starts screaming every time she wanders near them) so it was decided she needed a 'night out' - but since all her nights are 'night's out' a 'night in' was the ticket.

She snacked...
She napped

She suggested I stop sticking a camera in her face...

I seem to be getting alot of those looks from her lately.

And no Richard, this changes none of the 'House Rules' this winter - the guard dog needs to be outside to guard.

But everyone needs a change of pace every now and again!!


Barbara said...

Karen, how long will it take for her fur to grow in... maybe even halfway? She'll probably be less forlorn then. :)

Pat E said...

And where is Kara thru all of this?? I noticed Cricket's snack was NOT a Dentastix. Another great blog!
Pat in MN

Annika said...

She looks very happy on vacation on the cloud!