Friday, 3 September 2010

You May Not Know Her Name Now...

...but I promise you will in the future.

This is Meg - formally known as NorthWapiti's Megasis. She is a littermate to See and Utin, out of NorthWapiti's Skor and NorthWapiti's Kluane.
Meg was always the smallest in that litter and has seemed to 'fly under the radar' up till this point in her life. Her brother Utin grabbed my attention early when I started some obedience work with him and See stormed into the limelight last fall being the youngest dog to make our 'A' string last year.

Meg just kicked around learning what there was to be learned and biding her time.

Last spring Richard tossed her in lead one day when he was having some issues with another leader and gave her a nice report, but I just seemed to keep forgetting to try her in lead myself.
My friends Kim and Kelly (the human ones) were asking about her in an email the other day and I got thinking "Yeah, what about Meg??"
So this morning I finally remembered to try the little white dog (she is actually the only truly white dog in our yard)in  lead.
The short of it - she ROCKED!!!
She lined out the team, drove hard, took commanda - everything you could ask for in a lead dog. I stopped a few miles into the run just to go up front and give her some attention.
"It's about time you noticed", she said.
I apologized for taking so long to do so.

Please excuse the peeling on her little red nose, she got a bit of sunburn!

It won't happen again, I assure you!

Go Meg Go!!


Moose-Tipping said...

It's a great feeling to discover another potential leader in your team, especially if one of your leaders is having a hard time and just needs to be in team for a bit. Glad to hear you've got a good one in Meg!

Fort Illio said...

Good to see Cree's sister being a natural leader as well. Cree certainly rocks in lead, and demands the position!!!! :)

saputnam said...

She's beautiful!! The runts are always the smart ones in a litter.

You know that she's thinking,"What took you so long!"

Georganne Hampton said...

How exciting! Please keep us posted with her adventures!

Huskymom said...

Was her grandmother Skookum (Kluane's mom)an all white dog?

Karen Ramstead said...

HuskyMom - If I recall correctly Alaskan's Skookum of Anadyr (Klu's grandFATHER) was a piebald, although he only had one or two small patches of color.


ks3286 said...

Ace,our white Siberian, Gives a big shoot out to Meg and keep up the good work!!

Anonymous said...

Another gorgeous & amazing beauty for your team. Can't wait to hear more about her. My Sitka has 2 all white brothers & I just love them. I think all Siberians are special but these 2 boys are something else. I bet they are just like Meg!!!

Dana J. said...

You go girl!!! I knew Meg was special from the minute that I saw her. Better late than never I say. We'll be sponsoring that little beauty again. Lots of hugs and kisses are being sent her way! Keep up the good work! Hope to see her in Anchorage???

Bakavi said...

She is gorgeous!

Anonymous said...

What is it they say about the quiet ones? Go Meg!!

Chris said...

Hi Karen,
I remember Meg and See.
The 2 little whites ladies of the yard , they have such a great nature.
Great to hear this kind of new's .

ambereyes said...

What a pretty girl! How could you've overlooked her ;) Congrats for such a beauty not only a pretty face!