Tuesday, 14 September 2010

Have I Mentioned How Much I Like This Dog???

Not sure if I have mentioned lately how much I like this little dog.

Okay, it is Smartie - and yes, I am aware that I've mentioned how much I like her to ANYONE that will listen about a hundred times each.
But I REALLY like her!!! 

Here is she running lead with rookie leader, Casey this morning. Casey did an alright job - but SMARTIE was the star!!

Well actually, they were both stars when this happened...

...yup, we ran into the herd of cows. It actually took some hooting and hollering to convince the cows to move enough that we had room to get the dog team through. The neighbors feed their cows with an ATV, so when the cows see us they think 'FOOD' and head towards us. Coincidentally, that is EXACTLY the same thing my dog team thinks when they see the cows!!!

I would have been pleased with veteran leaders for getting us through that mess - I was OVER THE TOP pleased with those two rookie leaders!!!

I was LESS then pleased with Rocket, who took the time while we waited for the cows to move to roll in a giant cow pie.

Guess who the lucky one was that got to unharness her today was?? Yes, me. I'm SO LUCKY.

But did I mention what a great job Smartie did in lead today??

That made the 'cow poo' not so bad!!!!

Just a few more pictures from this morning...

Kelly at the watering spot.

The fall colors are making for some very pretty runs!

Bet has hurt her toe, so has to be in 'jail' while we run dogs.

Me coming into the yard with puppies Mighty, Missy and Molly this morning! (Thanks for the picture Simone!)

And one final shot.

Have I mentioned how much I like this little dog????



Anonymous said...

Big sister- I am soo happy that you are doing such a great job for Karen.. you keep up the good work & btw hope you had a good birthday
-----Kisses... Chiclet

Joli said...

You Go Girl!!!

Wild Dingo said...

who wouldn't like a dog named "smartie?"

Anonymous said...

Way to go Smartie! Now if you could just have a word with Rocket about the cow poo, I'm sure your musher would appreciate it!

Kathryn said...

Way to go Smartie. Now you need to teach Turtle the same thing. I still think your other brother, Bean, would make the musher happy too. One day Bean will have to come up and visit you and go out on a run together.

Susan said...

Have those cows learned that you go through there a lot? They might want to just move on over next time!

JARAWSiberians said...

Smartie looks so much like her wonderful dad Crunchie! Awesome!