Sunday, 5 September 2010

Our Morning

This morning when I got up it was 0.5C on my digital thermometer!!! Wahoo!!

Simone and I were out the door ready to roll at 6:30. The dogs, who know when it is cold enough to run were impatiently waiting!

Today's team consisted of Bang and Smartie (have I mentioned lately how much I like this dog???), Beauty and Boo, Dew and Xena, Kim and Grimmy, Turtle and Grit, Hector and Herman, Rocky and Roscoe, Charge and Irving.

It was a smokin' hot combination!! Great leaders (did I mention recently how much I like that little Smartie dog?), lots of drive and good power!

Patiently waiting for Simone to open the gate into the grazing lease.
I skidded the water trough out into the bush yesterday, so this was the first day we stopped for water on the trail.

A few of the rookies were puzzled by the whole 'watering concept' but the veterans dove happily in!

Smartie (Did I mention how much I like this young dog?) and Bang

Grit and Turtle

Simone offering Charge a drink

While they are standing around at the watering hole is always a good time to snap pictures!


Smartie (have I mentioned lately how much I like this up and coming leader?)


Bang Bang


..or it was until Herman and Hector lost their patience and started singing to get moving!

Back underway.

While I was very pleased with the whole team (have I mentioned lately how much I like Smartie??) special kudos need to go out to Irving. Many of you may remember that last year we had to run Irving on his own in the team because of his tendency to 'get in the face' of the dog next to him. Well, the last few weeks he has been a PERFECT gentleman in harness. He's been running without a neckline next to a variety of different dogs. Today was his final exam - hooked up with a neckline next to the 2nd most obnoxious dog in the team - Charge. He was flawless!!! WAY TO GO IRVING!!!

Definately a good morning!


Anonymous said...

Curious as to what your mileage was? I definitely like your temps better than here in Oregon but I ran my team anyhow.


CrisNaugle said...

Wow, I love those watering dishes/milk jugs -perfect! I was looking for something but could only find chic-chic, fancy-pancy dog watering bottles... this is perfect! Simple & cheap -meets both my requirements LOL

We had 55ยบ for our dryland scooter run this morning, totally jealous of your colder morning!

Karen Ramstead said...

6 1/2 miles

Susan said...

I love seeing your newest parents out there...Dew Bang Charge (cannot remember who fathered Dew's pups!). They look beautiful in harness. Thanks for these photos Karen.

Chris said...

Way to go Irving.
So awsome to see him fitting back in.
Oh , and did i say how much i liked little cheeky Smartie :-)