Sunday, 12 September 2010

Catching Up

Seems like it has been a while since I posted. Well, it is getting to that time of year where the days tend to 'get away' from me sometimes!

In fact, speaking of 'that time of year' - get a look at what we had waiting for us in the yard this morning -

Yup, the first frost of the season!!!! Yippee!!! It is the latest 'first frost' I remember experiencing in the valley!!
It wasn't too bad a frost, but my tomatoes did take a pretty big hit. Sadly, they are just alittle too far behind to bother covering every night. They need another few weeks before they truly start to produce for us, so I've picked off the biggest ones, cover the plum tomatoes by the house and hope for the best.

Honestly, as much as I love vine ripened tomatoes, I love this more -

 And 'that' needs cold and frost to thrive!! So bring it on!!

 These shots were taken this morning - and although you can't see it in the pictures, there was a new little gal up front.

This is Sobe and she did a very credible job for her first time up front! She has a very high opinion of herself (she gets that from her grandmother, Olena) and says she was not at all surprised!! I wouldn't rate her as stunning as dogs like Meg, but I expect she will develop in a solid little leader!

My friend Henning Bartel of Arctis carts has been up from California visiting this weekend. He brought one of his carts up for us to play with and we have been having a great time! (The photos were taken over two days, which is why some dogs appear again in different teams).

Henning running Isis, Spider, Charge, Q, Barq and TopDog

Me carting behind Dasher, Rocket, Tess and Bang.

Henning out on the scooter with Moses and Odie

Lisa over from the "other side of the valley" running Olena, Spider, Tess, Billie, Runner and Snert

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Lisa scootering with Casey and Sprite

Simone with Charge, Q, Utin, Roscoe, Astro and Shooter

One more morning of playing this morning before Henning and his VERY well behaved Siberians head back for California!!


JARAWSiberians said...

Looks like alot of fun! love the Frost! It is getting almost that time here. We had some cool morinings...high 40's to low 50's.... so what did you think of Henning's cart?!

granimar said...

We've been close to frost several mornings 35[F]. I used to pick my green tomatoes, put them in brown paperbags, not touching---out of the sun and they ripen beautifully. OR wrap them individually in newspaper, put in a box [like a low sided soda pop box, and put under the bed, check every few days---they'll ripen.
The frost, the dogs, the "scooter" or cart looks like a lot of fun. It is that time of year.