Monday, 21 February 2011

The Big City - Bet

Greetings from Prince Albert (who is NOT in a can) Saskatchewan!

Its your roving Border Collie Reporter, Bet!

I have so much stuff to tell all of you, but I'll break it up into chunks throughout the next few days so you have something to read while we wait for updates, then wait for more updates, then wait for updates, and then... ok, you get the picture.

Today I'll tell you all about the Big City life!

First off, I must say that the Big City has REALLY nice dog beds.
My room is pretty small, but I'll be the Musher rooms are much bigger.  They probably even have nicer beds, but this one is just the right size for me.

The next cool thing to happen is that we were all just hanging out in my room and someone knocked on the door and HANDED US PIZZAS!!  Can you believe that!  Stuff like that NEVER happens in Perryvale!  I really like this big city living, I could really get use to it.

So, this morning we all got up and the Musher had to take the curly tails for their vet check.  I had overheard the Musher say how funny it would be to get pictures of ME going through a vet check, like I was one of the curly tails.

First of all, no.  Secondly, I was still pretty sleepy from all of the pizza the night before and I wanted to sleep in.  Fortunately the Musher was unable to find her camera and gave up that silly idea.  She'll be glad to know that I had put it away in a safe place the night before (you can't be too careful here in the big city).
While the Musher, Musher Guy, and Richard were out tending to the curly tails, a fan stopped by and was all happy to see Team North Wapiti, and talked about how they followed our adventures on Facebook.

Then the fan (hehehe) asked if I was around.  I HAVE GROUPIES!!!!  I'm sorry that I wasn't out and about to meet my adoring fans, but I needed to get my beauty sleep and figure out how to work that silly tv remote control.

As you can see, all of the pups are fine and raring to go tomorrow.  Here they are having breakfast:

Tomorrow I'll give you the inside scoop on the vet checks (not wanting anyone to fret, all the pups are just fine and dandy), but the color green does come into play... but you'll have to wait for that!

Signing off from beautiful and pizza-plentiful Prince Albert!



Donna Quante said...

Bet, you're having too much fun. Be careful the Musher doesn't leave you in the big city!

granimar said...

Hey Bet, does the Musher Guy smell like cookies?? You'd better be careful like Donna said, the Musher Guy may leave you in the Big city !!!!!