Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Can You Find The Puppies???

 In this team are 2 nine month old puppies on their very first hook up. Can you find them???

The pups are Todd and Fletch, if that helps.

 Which is one of the reasons their 'Dad' Richard is riding along - to make sure I take good care of the Brits.

 I know - tough! They did VERY well.

That's actually them right in front of wheel. Fletch is on the left. Todd on the right.

Superstars in the making.
Always good for a smile!!!



FiveSibesMom said...

Bravo to the pups! Beautiful pics!

Teanna Byerts said...

Wonderful! (I don't know them but I kind of guessed: that was the pair that didn't have the super-duper precision of the others)...but they look awesome! Ah, like they were, you know, bred for it or something;) Thanks for sharing great pics like this with those of us stuck down here in ice and slush and mud land!

Anonymous said...

I was pleased to see their dad ride along to make sure you took good care of them. Beautiful pictures as always.


Barbara said...

They both look like pros to me. Great!
From ice and heavy, heavy snow land - your 'glue' description from Oregon would apply here in the midwest. For once we hope it melts soon!

Joli said...

Yeah! Way to go boys!