Sunday, 13 February 2011

Cabin Fever - Year Two

You all might remember around this time last year when Richard got a case of suspected cabin fever and attempted things like this -

and this - 

I will say I was a tad concerned, but he seemed to recovery pretty well with no lasting side effects. Cricket and Bet seemed no worse for the experience either (in all honesty, they both think Richard walks on water and would tolerate MUCH worse for him). 

This year with all the training and racing Richard has been doing I figured Cabin Fever was unlikely to come looking for him. When I saw this this morning, I knew I was wrong. 

It's an ermine - and yes it is dead. Apparently, the cats killed it and brought it into the garage. Richard stole it from Bait and promptly turned it into a 'hood' (or 'bonnet', I guess) ornament for his ATV. Very disturbing. (Truthfully, it kind of reminds me of Trampie). 
Anyway, Runner thought there were better uses a dead ermine, like a 'pre run' snack

So much for the ATV mascot. 

As for Richard's case of cabin fever, Mark's an electrician. I'm thinking of using shock therapy - or maybe getting Richard to Edmonton for a cup of Timmy's coffee and a few Timbits. One of those things might snap him out of it. 

Wish him luck.



granimar said...

I'm impressed with Richard's sense of humor :-) Cabin Fever can be distressing without some good laughs. Glad you are all smiling and running. Will be following the next race too.

Huskymom said...

Is that part of the ermine in Richard's hand? Definitely time for a trip to the city before he goes completely bonkers with cabin fever!