Sunday, 20 February 2011

Back in the Day! - The Old Timer

Back in the Day is a new type of post focused on information about past events and information regarding North Wapiti Kennels and the “Musher”. Bringing you these posts is me, known as the “Old Timer”. Why am I the Old Timer? Well, I’m old and I’ve been hanging around these parts for about 10 years now. My goal is to give a little insight to the history and workings of the North Wapiti Kennels.

The first thing I want to talk about centers around the Canadian Challenge. Okay I know that’s not history because it hasn’t even happened yet. I thought I’d answer a popular question about the race- “How long will it take Karen and Richard to travel 300 miles? Well I looked back in time to the last two 300 mile races that Karen has run. The first one in 2006 was the Copper Basin 300 which Karen finished in 60 hours and 53 minutes. Then in 2007 Karen ran the Taiga 300 in 60 hours and 46 minutes. Well 60+ hours seem to be the popular time for 300 miles. If this trend continues, we can expect Karen and Richard to finish the race between midnight and 1am on Friday morning.

Just remember, there’s a lot more that figures into this than history. Weather, different dogs than in the previous races, trail conditions, rest schedules, etc. greatly influence how fast or slow a race is run. So this Old Timers prediction based only on history- would be Thursday night into Friday morning. I’ll be watching closely to see if history repeats itself.

Let this Old Timer know if there is something you’ve been wondering about. Maybe you’re question will be in the next Back in the Day post.

The Old Timer


Donna Quante said...

Hey Old Timer---thanks for the info. I wondered how long it would take the Siberians to go 300 miles. When I went to the Copper Basin this year I was told the winner usually comes in at around 48 hours, so 60 for the Siberians is great!!
Wishing Karen and Richard fast trails and happy huskies for the whole race!

granimar said...

Hey there Old Timer, this is a great addition to the blog, just know it will be an enjoyable addition.
Thanks a bunch.

babs said...

I love getting more insight into the race, but I'm a bit concerned.... Does Bet consider you competition? I certainly hope not, but she does seem to be a cheeky little doggie!

Bet said...


I like the Old Timer... as long as she doesn't lay on the cloud.