Friday, 18 February 2011

Canadian Challenge Trip Roster - Bet

Now that the plans are firming up for the trip to the Canadian Challenge, I guess you are all wondering who will be making the trip.

Well, the Musher is still trying to decide which of the curly tails are going.  It seems that all of them have been doing such a fantastic job during training that its really hard for her to make the picks for the trip.  She even told me that even as they are packing the truck she won't even know, and will feel bad for leaving some of them at home because they all deserve a chance to run.

She has revealed to me the roster of those who will be driving IN the truck (not in the back), so I wanted to share it with all of you.

First, the official announcement that wonderful Colleen will be watching over the North Wapiti curly tails who aren't going.
This is a picture of Colleen watching over the curly tails... ok, it isn't, but just pretend ok?

Next is the official Canadian Challenge Handler:
Yep, its the Musher Guy Mark.  He'll be going on this trip to be the handler and all around good guy.

Richard will be traveling along to race:

Of course the Musher will be racing:
We want to assure you that she will have her favorite hat packed.  As a matter of fact she found another one and now has three... and we've registered her for hat hoarding intervention for after the race.

And now, for the most important news of all, the winner of the official truck dog of the Canadian Challenge!
I'm packed and ready to go!  Let's get this show on the road peoples!!!!


Rob Fradette said...

Nice to see you got the best handler in the business...

Barbarra said...

Have a wonderful trip, Bet! We will look forward to your reports from the race, and wish both mushers a smooth ride!

granimar said...

Hello Colleen, haven't heard anything about or from you for so long. The NW kids have to be delighted to have you there.
Mark, glad you get time off to go and keep the two mushers in line. Will be following your progress.
Bet, so delighted you are packed and ready to go. Behave yourself for the handler guy.

Anonymous said...

Bet, so relieved you will be making the trip and keeping everything running smoothly. Looking forward to news from the race!

Anonymous said...

Love your suitcase, Bet! Hope everyone has a wonderful trip and many, many adventures to share. Your fans are waiting to hear all about them.

Marcia in PA where it was near 70 degrees on Friday.