Monday, 28 February 2011

Post Race Update - Bet


Post Race Update now?  Um, Musher, turn off the camera, I told you I would get to it after breakfast!

Sigh... no, I told you that as soon as I finished breakfast I would get on the computer, if Musher Handler Guy Mark is done playing Angry Birds and write the post-race update!

Yes I did tell you that, while you were doing that silly boxing Wii exercise thing, and frankly I have no idea why you listen to that cartoonist, she's a bit goofy in the head and probably looped on Nyquil when she told you about that thing.  I didn't slave over a hot waffle griddle just to let my breakfast grow cold you know.

You know, the longer I sit here and argue with you, the longer its going to take me to eat and go post, so I'm pretty sure you have something to knit, or feed, or clean up after... like all that mushing gear that I had to lay on allll the way back from Prince Albert in a can, that stuff reeks you know!

I'm not listening to you now, blah blah blah, keep talking, I'm just going to enjoy my waffle and pretend you aren't here.

You know what, fine, I'm going to take my breakfast and eat it on the cloud.  Hope you're happy.

- Bet


Susan said...

This is absolutely hilarious. Maybe I could send my BC to Canada to learn from yours! You go Bet!

Kathryn said...

Too cute, Bet

Anonymous said...

Bet, you just look so cute! You crack me up with your comments. You are one special dog.
Sitka's Mom Lisa

granimar said...

Ah, Bet, you are just too much. So funny. Hope the waffle was good.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Bet I love the napkin around your neck so you don't spill any butter or syprup and your beauitful white fur. You certainly have manners.