Friday, 25 February 2011

Congratulations Richard! - Karen, Mark, Bet, and the Musher Minions

Congratulations to Richard Todd and the North Wapiti Pretty Sled dogs for their 4th place finish at the 14th annual Canadian Challenge International Sled Dog Race

We are so proud of you all!

Richard's team consisted of:

Runner is sponsored by Maureen Zavodjancik!  Thank you Maureen!

Dasher is sponsored by: Kris Biagiotti, Barbara Branham, Cheryl Dawson, Maureen Lamb, Ursula Rempel, Sandy Stealey, Mary Ann Strock and Rita Young-Jones (Friends of SOS-SRF).  Thanks to you all!

 On Hold for sponsorship


Utin is sponsored by Mark and Pat Ellinger, Spider, Batdog, and Junior!  Thank you all!

TopDog is sponsored by Barb and Mike Branham and the pack: Wenatchee, Sabre, and Jolie!  Thank you all!

Irving is sponsored by Mary Curtis!  Thank you Mary!

Bingo is sponsored by Mary Atkinson!  Thank you Mary

Casey is smiling now because she's sponsored by Rose for Daiquiri with Timba!  Thank you Rose!

Beauty is sponsored by Cheryl Dawson!  Thank you Cheryl!

Billie is sponsored by LaRita Skipper!  Thank you LaRita!

Rocket is doing the dance of happiness because she's sponsored by Deb Custer!  Thanks Deb!

Kelly needs a sponsor!  Kelly is a true rookie and made her racing debut at the Canadian Challenge!  Will you be Kelly's sponsor?


Donna Quante said...

Great job Richard. I hear Alaska calling your name!

Painter Pack said...

Congrats!! Such a great job!!!

granimar said...

Congratulations Richard and the North Wapiti Pretty Sled Dogs !!
Steady and sure, night and day and there you are at the finish. Yippee.

Rob Fradette said...

hmmm 2 Northwapiti teams in the Iditarod next year. said...

Great Job. And Runner was right up there. So happyfor all.!!!

Barbara said...

Congratulations, Richard AND TEAM! Awesome that you finished with ALL 12 - what an accomplishment! Maybe the Yukon is calling your name... you did so well in frigid temps.

Nannette Morgan said...

Brilliantly done, Richard! We are all proud of you!!

Nannette, Binks and Cricket (WiFi's sibling)

Debbie said...

A job well done Richard and all the Pretty Sled Dogs.

Sandy at CanineWorks said...

This is turning into such a great rookie season for Richard, Casey and Kelly! Thank you, Karen and Mark, for entrusting some of your pretty sled dogs to that great Brit. I suppose the ever-Brit "Border collie"...a.k.a. Scottish border collie... Bet may have had some sway in that. Richard, awesome job. It was an exciting and very happy time with you in the race as well. Even though Karen's team had to scratch she was still right there and very involved, as was the not so roving reporter, Bet (have you ever known a border collie to "rove" much on its own??? NAH.) I have always loved the "long haired herding breeds", have had Belgian Tervuren shepherds for 25 years now and used to "rescue" Aussies and BCs. And yes, Bet, there are some certain border collies who wear out their welcomes but of course it's just because not everyone understands how much they think and their need for activity and control...and waffles.

ainnirbard said...

Congratulations Richard and North Wapiti Team!!

khovakisiberians said...

Awesome job, Richard! Hope you had a memorable and fun time!

jane eagle said...

Way to go, Richard!!! Woooooooooooo!

Anonymous said...

Such an awesome job Richard. I love to see the Sibes do so well. The dogs & you deserve a great big hug & a good night's sleep.

Anonymous said...

I would like to sponsor Kelly & have gone to the website to do so. Consider her spoken for.
Sitka's Mom

Anonymous said...

Now I feel really bad because I did not know the sponsorship fee was more for Kelly than just the $250.00. I will sponsor another dog for that fee but cannot afford to do Kelly. Wish I could and am so sorry that I messed up. She is still available for sponsorship.

The cartoonist said...

Sitka's mom: Kelly's sponsorship fee is $250.00

Joanne Lee and Flash said...

Flash says Whoo Hoo!