Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Getting Ready For the Challenge

All of us are working hard getting ready for the start of the Canadian Challenge on February 22nd.

Astro all dressed up. The 't-shirt' is helping him get over a bit of harness rub.

Richard's leaders Casey and Bingo

Shooter and Utin

Dancing dog Rocket
Even Bet is preparing....

Ah...the stressful life that Border Collie lives.



Lela C. said...

Karen, I just checked the Challenge site - they've had some date errors on some of their stuff - Challenge is Febr. 21-26. Don't want you to be a day late!

Huskymom said...

Love seeing Casey (red dog) up front!! Hope she makes the final cut. (Her mom Sprite gives a paws up too.)

Deb R. said...

Let's hear it for the red dog!!!! Go Casey!!