Sunday, 27 February 2011

Post-Race Recap #1: Phone It In - The Cartoonist

While we wait for team North Wapiti to return to North Wapiti, I thought I'd provide some insider recaps to the race and answer some questions that some fans had.

One of the questions was: "How did Karen call on the trail to say that she was scratching?"

Since cell phones are not allowed in races (and they would probably stop working because of the cold even if they COULD find a signal out in the middle of nowhere), Karen had to go find a phone.

She reports: "I never got to Lynx Lake. I drove the team off the lake at Sucker River and through town to the General Store where I went in and phoned for the truck."

Since we don't have any pictures of this event, I'm providing my interpretation of this event (click on the picture to see a bigger version).

- The Cartoonist


Marilyn said...

Classic Penny, another classic.

Donna Quante said...

There's actually a phone booth like that in Eagle, Alaska. Really, on the edge of nowhere...very cool.

Anonymous said...

Great cartoon, love the bed pan, poor Curly Tails don't look to happy. Little tummies a little upset? Happy to hear they are feeling better.

Pat in MN (currently in Sarasota) said...

Great cartoon, Penny. Karen will probably say: "Thanks for burning the memory into the record books."

Nannette Morgan said...

I have to say that ALL the cartoons more than made up for the lack of a real photo. You outdid yourself again, Penny! Thanks ;-)

bakavi said...

So cute and so clever!
Thanks for all of the smiles.