Friday, 25 February 2011

An Update Before My Official End Of Race Update - Bet

Howdy Ho everyone!  Your roving Border Collie reporter, Bet, here!

While we wait for Richard and the Curly Tails to arrive at the finish line (in about 2ish hours or so), I thought I'd post an update on things and stuff to keep everyone up to date!

First of all, I want to dispel the rumor that has been going around that the 2nd string curly tails laced the 1st string curly tails with Ex lax to get them to drop out, that simply is NOT true.  The 1st string curly tails caught a nasty bug and although it was ugly and messy last night, they are feeling much better today and on their way to recovery.

I would also like to dispel the rumor that I put something in their food so that the Musher would come back and I would get to lay on her feet, that isn't true either, although I'm really glad she is back, because I spent the day IN THE HOTEL guarding her feet.
This morning I also got to munch on some tasty neckbones, AND cute Richard shared his bacon and eggs with me before he got back on the trail!  I also discovered that waffles are SOOO much better than pancakes because the little notchy things hold the syrup like little pockets of tasty goodness.  Now that's what I'm talking about!

I've also been doing my truck dog duties by growling at anyone that comes close to MY Musher... I mean truck, yeah, the truck.  I'm so ferocious that the trespassers all fall down laughing, thus rendering them incapable of coming any closer.  I'm a power to be reckoned with!

Ok, there are more Musher tales to be told, but that will have to be for a later time.  Right now we have to send our collective good vibes to Richard and the Pretty Sled Curly Tails as they race to the finish and get 4th place!


- Bet


The Texas Dust Musher said...

Wooooooo y'all! Go little cousins, and Musher Richard.

From the Texas CW Singin' Alaskan Malamutes

Anonymous said...

Oh Bet... I've nevr been found of BC's but you little one could change my mind !! Big Howl for Richard and the 2nd string !!

Painter Pack said...

I gots a BC brofur that drives me woo related? Haroo and congrats on the mushing too!!


Jenny Glen said...

BET! Don't try to pretend and act all innocent about your first taste of waffles! I distinctly remember my husband feeding you some of his waffles when you were at our house last month. Are you trying this "Oh, but I've never had waffles before" act on everyone?
I'm glad the Musher's feet are back under your supervision now.

Bet said...

Ms Jenny! Shhhhhhhh! You're gonna blow my chance of getting more waffles!!! Geeesh!


Anonymous said...

I just get the biggest kick out of reading your blogs Miss Bet. Yesterday's & this one were so much fun. Your Curly Tail stories are great. Glad you have your Musher back & still hoping the Curly Tails are feeling better.
Sitka's Mom